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ABBA The Museum

How to reach
Chinese your Chinese customers?

Through digital presence and a solid China strategy. With presence on WeChat, Weibo, Baidu and Alipay, ABBA The Museum interact with Chinese tourists through their digital customer journey.


 ABBA The Museum seek to position their brand in Chinese travelers mind and to better meet the Chinese traveler on-site. We want to reach Chinese travelers throughout their digital journey, both when they search for inspiration and upon arrival. 


WeChat, Weibo, Alipay and .CN Website  


We create awareness through storytelling and increased experience on site through a combination of online and offline activities. Our role as ABBA The Museum’s Chinese marketing partner is to optimize the digital presence, we do this by visualizing their brand, storytelling and media buying. 


With a digital China strategy for ABBA The Museum and localized communication for their Chinese target group, we capture Chinese tourists through the digital journey and by digital presence we gain better understanding of their Chinese customers.

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