ABBA The Museum is China ready

How to reach Chinese tourists? With the giant firewall blocking Google and all Western social media the solution for ABBA The Museum was to be where the Chinese tourists are - on Baidu, WeChat & Weibo.  

It's a fact. The number of Chinese tourists continue to rise, and the Nordics countries are popular destinations to visit. 

ABBA The Museum wanted to create awareness and digital presence in China to enable engagement and interaction with Chinese tourist before, during and after their visit to the museum. And it all started well. In January, ABBA The Museum had increased their traffic to their official website with 30,000 unique visitors from China compared to same period previous year. 

The solution

As an initial step, we decided on which platforms were most suitable for ABBA The Museum. Just as there are endless species of fish in the sea there are Social media apps in China. It is therefore easy to get lost. The focus was to provide information about the museum before Chinese travelers depart from China and to offer high customer service when they visit. After discussion with the marketing team the initial solution for ABBA The Museum was to create:

  1. Official WeChat account
  2. Official Weibo account
  3. Chinese website hosted on a Chinese server
  4. Screen and correct information on Mafengwo (Chinese TripAdvisor) 

The official WeChat account functions as digital pocket guide and guide visitors though the museum and enable visitors to access important functions. It also informs visitors about opening hours, how to get there and additional activities offered on site 

On Weibo, guests can now upload and share info, pictures and videos from their visit. It is just a matter of time before you can spot Chinese visitors signing Dancing Queen on the stage as the 5th member. 

Their Chinese website allows Chinese to find the website from their own search engine, Baidu. It also functions as a bridge to WeChat and Weibo with the use of QR code on the website. 

On Mafengwo, we ensured that information about ABBA The Museum was accurate and in line with their communication towards visitors. 

ABBA The Museum is now China ready! 


Nordic Business House