The Chinese Traveller

They spend more money on shopping and dinning abroad than any other nation. With only 10 percent of the population possessing a passport, Chinese travellers stand for more than 20 percent of the spending of the total outbound tourism. In other words, they are leading the outbound travel group.

In 2017, 136.5 million Chinese tourists travelled abroad. The total spending exceeded $261 billion and while the middle class in China is growing there are sure potential for more growth. According to The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, the outbound Chinese tourist group is forecasted to exceed 400 millions travelling abroad.

Among these there is an upward trend more Chinese tourist are travelling to Scandinavia to see experience nature, fresh air, see blue skys and extravagant shopping.

   The Chinese Traveller

Pre-booked tour travelling is still appealing and accounts for approximately 60 percent for the total amount of outbound Chines tourists. But let us look into the other upcoming tourist group – the Free Independent Traveller. The new generation of traveller in China who are searching for information and planning their trip by themselves. The generation who are seeking for that photo friendly adventure to share with their friends on social media, where the update on social media reflects the personal brand. Where connectivity plays an important role.

In addition to being big spenders, Chinese travellers are smartphone-addicted and embrace the adventure experiences worth sharing with their family and friends. Chinese are highly influenced by their family and friends and prefer to hear their opinions and read reviews. Content on digital plattforms are highly influential on holiday decisions, allt to not miss a popular destination or sightseeing option.

In a recent report by Amadeus it was found that the top three largest influence on Chinese travellers decisions are:

  • Online booking or travel sites
  • Friends, families and co-workers
  • Traveller reviews

To stay relevant among Chinese travellers companies must be visible on Chinese social media plattforms such as WeChat, Weibo and Mafengwo. For companies to become China-Ready Initial steps are to provide information in Mandarin and adapt marketing activities to the Chinese audience.

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