Visit Oslo

Visit Oslo

How to attract Chinese travelers to your destination?

By 2030, Chinese tourists are expected to account for 25% of all international traveling. We help Visit Oslo to create strong brand presence in China to better serve the growing demand.


Visit Oslo strives to become an attractive Chinese friendly destination. Our purpose is to increase awareness about Oslo and better serve Chinese travelers on site by increasing information in Chinese about the the destionation and what it has to offer. 


WeChat, Weibo


We create stories about Visit Oslo and visualize the destination on Chinese social media. We work with creating stories that attract Chinese travelers and highlight experiences in Oslo. In our role as their Chinese marketing partner, we emphasize on optimizing their digital presence through targeted campaigns and KOL collaborations. 


Visit Oslo reaches out to Chinese travelers through the digital customer journey. Oslo is today one of the leading destinations in Norway with the most activity on Chinese social media. Through us Visit Oslo can communicate their destination with Chinese target group and gain better understanding and insight about their Chinese travelers. 

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